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Jennifer Daniels

"When all else fails...Just Write."

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Mental Health Advocacy

Speaker Presentations

"Note to Self"
Mindfulness Practices Through Poetry & Journaling

-Meditative Writing Strategies

- Therapeutic Creative Expression 

-Embracing The Process of Healing

-Defining Your Own Emotional Intelligence

 -Writing as a Path to Letting Go and Breaking Through

-Identifying and Coping with Trauma

(Writing Supplies Provided)

"Reaching Beyond the Standards"
Education Consultant

-Supporting Students with Anxiety and Low Self Esteem. 
-How to develop a wellness classroom environment for children with mental illnesses.
-Addressing the Politics of Education and Students with Mental Illnesses
-Parents Guide for navigating the State Law of Education for Individualized Education Plan IEP's

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JustWrite Advocacy

When all else fails...Just Write

Jennifer, best known as Jen, has been an artist for most of her life. Art and writing became her outlet at a very young age. Experiencing life through art, creative writing, and poetry, Jen has found herself on a journey of discovery. Throughout this journey, she has evolved as a woman, artist, writer, and educator. She shares her journey of evolution through her work as a visual and performance artist. She continues to impact lives time and time again as a humanitarian, advocate, and performance artist with her powerful words that open closed minds and speak directly into the souls of her audience in need of  new perspectives, inspiration, and healing. 

Jen resides in her hometown of Raleigh-Durham NC as a certified educator,  professional artist, and advocate for Mental Health Awareness for adults and adolescent children. She is an accomplished Educator with two degrees obtained from the University of North Carolina- Greensboro in Liberal Arts & Humanities and another in Communications & Public Speaking. She has worked for the Durham and Wake County Public School Systems for over 6 years in addition to being a well-established Entrepreneur and Wellness Curator for more than a decade. 

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Youth Self Development Coaching

Read. Write. Restore

"Changing the Narrative"

Youth Writing Workshop

A workshop for young writers to build and strengthen their creative writing and literacy skills.
Young writers will gain these skills through using their own experiences and perspectives as inspiration in developing and narrating stories. This workshop also helps develop awareness by displaying to the community that the stories of our youth matters. And that their stories can make positive changes in the way people view our communities.
This is a 3 Part Series of Workshops. Upon completion of ALL 3 WORKSHOPS, participants will get a chance to sumit there writing for a chance to be interviewed on "The Poetic JustUS Podcast" and share their writing and their thoughts about their community. Their writing will be reviewed and selected by a panel of professional writers and poets in the community.
More details about this opportunity will be provided during the last workshop.


Restorative Practice Literacy Coaching

One to one private sessions for ages 3rd- 8th who may be experiencing behavioral challenges in school. These sessions use literacy to empower students through therapeutic reading and writing exercises that are engaging and interactive with the goal to redirect and restore self confidence, self discipline, and emotional intelligence.

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